About Us

About Us

Cromo Chasubles has one simple philosophy: to provide you with the highest quality and comfort for the lowest possible price. We are a company that merges age-old traditions of hand embroidered designs onto classic hand woven fabrics to create master pieces.

However we are not standing still: we look around the world for the best materials and use the latest technologies to create superior products for you.

And more often than not, those materials are natural, meaning that our environmental footprint is low. It also means our products offer great comfort, last longer and are even easier to maintain.

We are the only authorized company by the Cromo NB Studios of Milan Italy to manufacture these beautiful chasubles using the Largest Private Italian Artwork Collection Found Anywhere. 

These fine Chasubles are available through your local Church Goods Dealers Across the USA.

Saint Francis Cromo Inc

For questions: info@cromochasubles.com




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